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Defeat Debbie Wasserman Schultz!

By Anonymous, on May 20, 2015

It's Time To Give Debbie Wasserman Schultz A Pink Slip! She Does Not Represent The Values Of Her District! Joe Kaufman Can Defeat Debbie Wasserman Schultz And Send Her Packing! Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, And Numerous Other Conservative Leaders Have Endorsed Joe Kaufman!

Daniel Donovan Won!

By Anonymous, on May 20, 2015

Daniel Donovan wins, keeps New York City seat in GOP hands

Stop Obama's Amnesty!

By Anonymous, on Jan 15, 2015

The House Passed A Bill To Defund Obama's Amnesty! Conservatives Must Force The Senate To Also Pass The Bill!

Carl Levin Is Retiring!

By Anonymous, on Sep 1, 2014

Terri Lynn Land Can Take Back Carl Levin's Senate Seat! Help Support A Conservative Take Over In Michigan!  

Ben Sasse For U.S. Senate

By Anonymous, on Jan 10, 2014

Ben Sasse

Nebraska has an open U.S. Senate seat and we cannot let a liberal Democrat win! Ben Sasse is not a career politician and has experience working as a university President and as a business consultant.

Elect Tom Cotton

By Anonymous, on Jan 4, 2014

Mark Pryor is one of the most liberal Senators around and he is vulnerable. He  does not represent Arkansas and it is time to send him packing! Pryor voted for ObamaCare, the failed stimulus package and countless spending bills. It is time to replace him with a real conservative in the U.S. Senate.

America needs Tom Cotton in the U.S. Senate! Tom Cotton is a principled conservative that will put an end Washington's out of control spending. He believes in limited government, lower taxes and the Constitution.